Ian McShane

Born Sep 29, 1942
  • Actor, Voice Actor, Television Director, Television producer
Net Worth
$10 Million
Ian David McShane is an English actor, director, producer and voice artist. Despite appearing in numerous films, McShane is best known for his television roles, particularly BBC's Lovejoy and HBO's drama series Deadwood. McShane starred as King Silas Benjamin in the NBC series Kings, Bishop Waleran ...
Ian McShane

Ian McShane Stats


: Ian David McShane


: Actor, Voice Actor, Television Director, Television producer


: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)


: United Kingdom

Date of Birth

: September 29, 1942

Place of Birth

: Blackburn

Ian McShane Film Roles

  1. Battle of Britain
    Sgt. Pilot Andy
    Battle of Britain
  2. Nemesis Game
    Jeff Novak
  3. Scoop
    Joe Strombel
  4. Sexy Beast
    Teddy Bass
  5. We Are Marshall
    Paul Griffen
  6. The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
    Merriman Lyon
  7. Case 39
    Detective Mike Barron
  8. Tam-Lin
  9. Sitting Target
    Birdy Williams
    Sitting Target
  10. The Golden Compass
    Ragnar Sturlusson #1
    The Golden Compass

Ian McShane Film Appearances

  1. Q.E.D.

Ian McShane TV Starring Roles

  1. Deadwood
    Al Swearengen
  2. Disraeli
    Benjamin Disraeli
  3. Bare Essence
    Niko Theophilus
    Bare Essence
  4. Trust
    Alan Cooper-Fozzard
  5. Marco Polo
    Ali Ben Yussouf
  6. Young Charlie Chaplin
    Charles Chaplin Snr
  7. Life of Shakespeare
    Christopher Marlowe
  8. Lovejoy
  9. The Pillars of the Earth
    Waleran Bigod
    The Pillars of the Earth

Ian McShane TV Guest Roles

  1. Enemies Foreign and Domestic
  2. Knock, Knock, Who's There?
    Esteban Montoya
  3. Skin Deep
    David Norman
  4. Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo
    Leland St. John
    Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo
  5. The Last Video Show
    Jack Last
  6. The Slaver
    Professor Colin Wyatt
  7. Ian McShane, Susan Sarandon, Kimberly Stewart
  8. Freefall
    Gen. Manuel Borbon
  9. Part VI
    Sir Eric Russell
  10. Series 6, Show 8