Hussein Kamal

Born Aug 17, 1932
  • Film Director
Hussein Kamal was an Egyptian television, film and theatre director. He is considered to be an important director of traditional Egyptian cinema. One of his most famous films is Chitchat on the Nile, a critique of the decadence of Egyptian society during the Nasser era. His 1972 film Empire M was en...

Hussein Kamal Stats


: Film Director

Date of Birth

: August 17, 1932

Place of Birth

: Egypt

Date of Death

: March 24, 2003

Place of Death

: Cairo

Hussein Kamal Film Director

  1. Chitchat on the nile
  2. The Impossible
  3. Empire M
  4. The Virgin and the White Hair
  5. My Father Is on the Tree
  6. Ayam fi al-halal
  7. Argouk aateni haza al dawaa
Hussein Kamal