Humphrey Bogart

Born Dec 25, 1899
  • Actor
Net Worth
$5 Million
Humphrey DeForest Bogart was an American screen actor who, with performances in films during the 1940s such as The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, and The Big Sleep, became widely regarded as a cultural icon. In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Bogart as the greatest male star in the history of ...
Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart Stats


: Bogie, Humphrey DeForest Bogart, The Last Century Man, Bogey


: Actor


: 5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)


: Dutch-American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: December 25, 1899

Place of Birth

: New York City

Date of Death

: January 14, 1957

Place of Death

: Los Angeles

Cause of Death

: Esophageal cancer | Laryngeal cancer

Humphrey Bogart Film Roles

  1. Angels with Dirty Faces
    James Frazier
  2. Battle Circus
    Maj. Jed Webbe
  3. Beat the Devil
    Billy Dannreuther
    Beat the Devil
  4. Conflict
    Richard Mason
  5. Dark Passage
    Vincent Parry
  6. Dark Victory
    Michael O'Leary
  7. Dead End
    'Baby Face' Martin
  8. Dead Reckoning
    Capt. 'Rip' Murdock
  9. High Sierra
    Roy Earle
  10. In a Lonely Place
    Dixon Steele

Humphrey Bogart Film Producer

  1. Beat the Devil
    Beat the Devil

Humphrey Bogart Film Appearances

  1. Smash His Camera
  2. Hollywood Musicals of the '40s
  3. The Century That Made America Great
  4. Going Hollywood: The War Years
    Going Hollywood: The War Years
  5. The Best of Film Noir
    The Best of Film Noir
  6. Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust
  7. World War II: Homefront: Vol. 1
  8. The Love Lottery
    The Love Lottery
  9. Swingtime in the Movies
    Swingtime in the Movies
  10. Always Together
    Always Together

Humphrey Bogart TV Guest Roles

  1. The 16th Annual Academy Awards
  2. The 27th Annual Academy Awards
  3. Humphrey Bogart; June Allyson; Johnnie Ray ; Helen Gallagher
  4. Humphrey Bogart, Anne Jeffreys, Buddy Baer
  5. Humphrey Bogart Show
  6. Humphrey Bogart / Yul Brynner / Yogi Berra / Phil Rizzuto
  7. The 24th Annual Academy Awards