Hillary B. Smith

Born May 25, 1957
  • Actor
Hillary Bailey Smith is an American actress. Born as Hillary Bailey, Smith attended Dana Hall School, Pine Manor College and Sarah Lawrence College. At Sarah Lawrence as a senior, she performed in off Broadway and Broadway productions, including The Heidi Chronicles.

Hillary B. Smith Stats


: Hillary Smith, Hillary Bailey, Hillary Bailey Smith, Hilary B. Smith, Hillary Converse Bailey


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: May 25, 1957

Place of Birth

: Boston

Hillary B. Smith Film Roles

  1. Palindromes
    Robin Wallace
  2. Purple Hearts
  3. Last Breath
    Edie Weinreb
  4. Maid in Manhattan
    Mrs. Lefferts

Hillary B. Smith TV Starring Roles

  1. Acting Sheriff
  2. Something Wilder
  3. No Soap, Radio
  4. The Doctors
  5. One Life to Live
    Nora Hanen Buchanan
  6. The Bold and the Beautiful
    Dr. Stacy Barton

Hillary B. Smith TV Guest Roles

  1. Identity
    Amelia Stanton
  2. Jackman/Campos
  3. Hi There, Small Fry! / My Dinner With the Tightropes
    Mrs. Tightrope
  4. May 9, 2002
  5. Jennie Gets a Job