Henry B. Walthall

Born Mar 16, 1878
  • Actor
Henry Brazeale Walthall was an American stage and film actor.
Henry B. Walthall

Henry B. Walthall Stats


: Henry Brazeale Walthall, Henry Walthall, William Walthall, Henry B. Walthal, H. B. Walthall, H.B. Walthall, Wally


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: March 16, 1878

Place of Birth

: Shelby County

Date of Death

: June 17, 1936

Place of Death

: Monrovia

Cause of Death

: Influenza

Henry B. Walthall Film Roles

  1. London After Midnight
  2. The Birth of a Nation
    Colonel Ben Cameron
    The Birth of a Nation
  3. Wings
    David's Father
  4. Ramona
  5. The Floor Above
    The Floor Above
  6. Judith of Bethulia
    Judith of Bethulia
  7. The Sealed Room
  8. In Old California
  9. A Trap for Santa Claus
    Arthur Rogers
    A Trap for Santa Claus
  10. Friends
Henry B Walthall