Helen Shaver

Born Feb 24, 1951
Helen Shaver is a Canadian actress and film and television director.
Helen Shaver

Helen Shaver Stats


: Helen Jane Shaver


: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)


: Canada

Date of Birth

: February 24, 1951

Place of Birth

: St. Thomas

Helen Shaver Film Roles

  1. The Land Before Time
  2. Tremors 2: Aftershocks
    Kate 'White' Reilly
  3. The Believers
  4. Best Defense
    Clair Lewis
  5. Desert Hearts
    Vivian Bell
  6. Born to Be Wild
    Margaret Heller
  7. The Osterman Weekend
  8. The Color of Money
    The Color of Money
  9. The Wishing Tree
    The Wishing Tree
  10. Harry Tracy, Desperado

Helen Shaver Film Director

  1. Due East
    Due East
  2. Summer's End
  3. Ultra
  4. The Man Who Lost Himself

Helen Shaver Film Executive Producer

  1. We All Fall Down

Helen Shaver TV Starring Roles

  1. United States
    Libby Chapin
  2. Poltergeist: The Legacy
    Poltergeist: The Legacy
  3. The Education of Max Bickford
  4. WIOU
  5. Jessica Novak
  6. Amazing Stories

Helen Shaver TV Guest Roles

  1. The Sandkings
  2. Mirror, Mirror
  3. Phantom of the Hill
  4. The Emissary
    Miss Haight
  5. The Dancer's Touch
  6. The Shadow of Truth
    Lisa Jericho
  7. Becoming
    Barbara Yates
  8. Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo
    Vivian Dimitri
    Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo
  9. Luck, Next Time
    Faye Buckley
    Luck, Next Time
  10. No Body's Perfect