Frances Rich

Born Jan 8, 1910
  • Actor, Sculptor
Frances Rich was an American actress and sculptor. She was the daughter of silent screen actress Irene Frances Luther Rich and salesman Elvo Elcourt Deffenbaugh, and the adopted daughter of Irene's second husband, Charles Rich.
Frances Rich

Frances Rich Stats


: Irene Frances Luthern Deffenbaugh


: Actor, Sculptor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: January 8, 1910

Place of Birth

: Spokane

Date of Death

: October 14, 2007

Place of Death

: Payson

Frances Rich Film Roles

  1. The Thirteenth Guest
  2. Unholy Love
    Unholy Love
  3. Officer 13
    Joan Thorpe
    Officer 13
  4. Diamond Trail

Frances Rich Books

  1. The sculpture of Frances Rich