Evan Jones

Born Apr 1, 1976
  • Actor
Evan Jones is an American actor who worked in films such as 8 Mile, Gangster Squad, The Book of Eli and Glory Road. Jones was as cast member of the television series October Road and has made guest appearances in series as Brothers & Sisters, Going to California and others.

Evan Jones Stats


: Dean Bukowski


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Apr 1, 1976 (40 years old)

Place of Birth

: Texas

Evan Jones Film Roles

  1. The Dry Land
    Joe Davis
    The Dry Land
  2. Touching Home
    Timmy "Mac" McClanahan
  3. Glory Road
    Moe Iba
  4. Mr. 3000
  5. 8 Mile
    Cheddar Bob
    8 Mile
  6. The Book of Eli
    The Book of Eli
  7. Rescue Dawn
    Rescue Dawn
  8. The Last Shot
    Troy Haines
  9. The Distraction
    The Distraction
  10. Working Miracles

Evan Jones TV Starring Roles

  1. October Road

Evan Jones TV Guest Roles

  1. Venice Kings
  2. Drive, He Said
    Robert Morrison
  3. Last Resort
  4. Blowing Free (1)
    David "Ikey" Eichorn
  5. Blacklist
    Junior Mosley
  6. The Principal
  7. Pot Scrubbers
  8. The Longer You Stay
    The Longer You Stay
  9. Feeding Frenzy
    Malcolm Dempsy