Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks

Born Jan 31, 1931
  • Baseball player, Actor
Ernest "Ernie" Banks, nicknamed "Mr. Cub" and "Mr. Sunshine", is a retired American professional baseball player. He was a Major League Baseball shortstop and first baseman between 1953 and 1971. For all 19 seasons, Banks played for the Chicago Cubs in the National League. Banks was an NL All-Star f...

Ernie Banks Stats


: Ernest Banks, Mr. Cub


: Baseball player, Actor


: 180 lbs (81.6 kg)


: African American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: 1931-01-31

Place of Birth

: Dallas

Ernie Banks Film Roles

  1. Finding Buck McHenry
  2. America's Classic Ballparks
    America's Classic Ballparks

Ernie Banks Film Appearances

  1. America's Classic Ballparks
    America's Classic Ballparks
  2. This Old Cub
  3. The History Makers: Faith

Ernie Banks TV Guest Roles

  1. Symphony in Knocked Flat
    Boogaloo's Trainer
  2. Burnin' Love
  3. Variety Show
  4. Former Neighbors
    Roy Simms
  5. Pay In Pain
    Old Black Man
  6. The List
    Man in Pool Hall
    The List
  7. Last Rites
    Old Man
    Last Rites
  8. Sister, Sistah
    Uncle Harvey
  9. Burning Sanctuary
    Carmine Hancock
  10. Death Row (2)