Efren Reyes, Jr.

Born Jun 25, 1959
Efren Montes Reyes, Jr. is a Filipino actor as sometimes credited only to his late father's name known as Efren Reyes and to his last leading role in an action pack two movies Tapos Na Ang Lahi Mo, Hadji Djakiri in 1990 and Nestor Solis in 1996.

Efren Reyes, Jr. Stats


: June Reyes, Efren Reyes, Peng, Jun, Efren Montes-Reyes, Jr, Efren "Jun" M. Reyes, Jr., Efren "Jun" Montes-Reyes, Jr., Jun Reyes, June William Melevo Reyes, Efren Montes Reyes, Jr.


: Philippines

Date of Birth

: June 25, 1959

Place of Birth

: Manila