Dorothy Peterson

Dorothy Peterson

Born Dec 25, 1897
  • Actor
Dorothy Peterson was an American film and television actress. Peterson was born in Hector, Minnesota of Swedish immigrant ancestry. She made her screen debut in 1930s Mothers Cry, a domestic drama that required the 29-year-old actress to age nearly three decades in the course of the film. Mothers Cr...

Dorothy Peterson Stats


: Bergetta Peterson


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: December 25, 1897

Place of Birth

: Hector

Date of Death

: October 3, 1979

Place of Death

: New York City

Dorothy Peterson Film Roles

  1. Payment Deferred
    Annie Marble
    Payment Deferred
  2. Dark Victory
    Miss Wainwright
  3. Peck's Bad Boy
    Peck's Bad Boy
  4. The Mayor of Hell
  5. Cheers for Miss Bishop
  6. Saboteur
    Mrs. Mason
  7. The Woman in the Window
  8. Lillian Russell
  9. When a Fellow Needs a Friend
    Mrs. Margaret Randall
  10. Society Doctor
    Mrs. Kate Harrigan
    Society Doctor

Dorothy Peterson TV Guest Roles

  1. Burst of Passion
  2. Father and the Angels
  3. The Return of Ulysses
  4. Lincoln's Little Correspondent
  5. The Vault
  6. North of Shanghai
  7. Hi, Society
    Mrs. Caldwell
  8. The Lonely
  9. Hour of Destiny
  10. The First Mrs. Fraser
Dorothy Peterson