DJ Green Lantern

DJ Green Lantern

Born 1975
  • Record producer, Disc jockey, Artist, Singer, Rapper
James D'Agostino, better known by his stage name DJ Green Lantern, is a DJ and hip hop music producer from Rochester, New York. In 2002, D'Agostino was signed by Eminem to become the official DJ for Shady Records after DJ Head stepped down for undisclosed reasons. D'Agostino left the label in 2005 d...

DJ Green Lantern Stats


: Green Lantern, DJ, The Evil Genius, James 1 The Green Lantern, James D'Agostino


: Record producer, Disc jockey, Artist, Singer, Rapper


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: 1975

Place of Birth

: Rochester

DJ Green Lantern Film Roles

  1. Spiff TV: Vol. 1: Reggaeton Invasion
  2. All Access: Team Invasion Edition
  3. Justo Presents: The Mixtape Documentary
  4. Kill the Record Labels

DJ Green Lantern Film Appearances

  1. Big Pun: The Legacy

DJ Green Lantern Albums

  1. Beanie Sigel Public Enemy #1
  2. The Best Of In The Lab Volume 1
  3. New World Order
    New World Order
  4. Invasion, Part 1: Shady Times
    Invasion, Part 1: Shady Times
  5. AND 1 Streetball - The Official Video Game Mixtape
  6. S.C.O.M. / Dolla Promo CD
  7. 5 Star General
  8. Invasion, Part 2: Conspiracy Theory
  9. The Anger Management Tour Mix Tape
  10. The Green Ghost Project