Dennis Farina

Dennis Farina

Born Feb 29, 1944
  • Actor, Police officer
Net Worth
$8 Million
Dennis Farina was an American actor of film and television and former Chicago police officer. He was a character actor, often typecast as a mobster or police officer. His most known film roles are those of mobster Jimmy Serrano in the comedy Midnight Run and Ray "Bones" Barboni in Get Shorty. He sta...

Dennis Farina Stats


: Donaldo Guglielmo Farina, Dennis G Farina, The Great Wounder


: Actor, Police officer


: 6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)


: Italian American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: February 29, 1944

Place of Birth

: Chicago

Date of Death

: July 22, 2013

Place of Death

: Scottsdale

Cause of Death

: Pulmonary embolism

Dennis Farina Film Roles

  1. Another Stakeout
    Brian O'Hara
  2. Big Trouble
    Henry Desalvo
  3. Manhunter
    Jack Crawford
  4. Paparazzi
  5. Snatch
    'Cousin' Avi Denovitz
  6. Eddie
  7. That Old Feeling
    Dan De Mora
  8. You Kill Me
    Edward O'Leary
  9. Midnight Run
    Jimmy Serrano
  10. Stealing Harvard
    Mr. Warner

Dennis Farina TV Starring Roles

  1. Crime Story
  2. Unsolved Mysteries
  3. In-Laws
  4. Buddy Faro
  5. Luck
  6. Law & Order

Dennis Farina TV Guest Roles

  1. The Cat and the Canary
    The Cat and the Canary
  2. August 27, 2004 (Series Finale)
  3. Skeleton (2)
    Joe Fontana
  4. Werewolf Concerto
    Mr. Antoine
    Werewolf Concerto
  5. Show #4465
  6. Steele Trying
  7. Sylvie
    Joe Kaufman
  8. One-Eyed Jack
    Albert Lombard
  9. All About E.E.V.
    Lt. Col. Edward Edward Vincent
  10. Gina Gershon, Dennis Farina, Ron Livingston, Faizon Love
Dennis Farina