Delbert McClinton

Born Nov 4, 1940
Net Worth
$2 Million
Delbert McClinton is an American blues rock and electric blues singer-songwriter, guitarist, harmonica player, and pianist. Active as a side-man since 1962 and as a band leader since 1972, he has recorded several major record label albums, and charted singles on the Billboard Hot 100, Mainstream Roc...

Delbert McClinton Stats


: McClinton, Delbert


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: November 4, 1940

Place of Birth

: Lubbock

Delbert McClinton Film Roles

  1. Delbert McClinton: Live from Austin, Texas

Delbert McClinton Film Appearances

  1. Rocking the Boat: A Musical Conversation and Journey
    Rocking the Boat: A Musical Conversation and Journey

Delbert McClinton TV Guest Roles

  1. Co-host Dottie West
  2. Bill Murray/Delbert McClinton
  3. Robert Benigni, Delbert McClinton
  4. Gatemouth Brown followed by Delbert McClinton
  5. 10/3/2001
  6. Delbert McClinton / Asleep at the Wheel
  7. Kate Jackson/Delbert McClinton
  8. Tribute to Bluesman Jimmy Reed

Delbert McClinton Albums

  1. 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Delbert McClinton
  2. Best of Delbert McClinton
  3. Delbert McClinton
  4. Honky Tonk 'n Blues
  5. I'm With You
  6. Keeper of the Flame
  7. Live
  8. Live From Austin
  9. Livin It Down
  10. Never Been Rocked Enough

Delbert McClinton Political Donations

  • 2004
  • DNC Services Corp
    Democratic National Cmte
  • 2012
  • Tennessee Democratic County Chairs Assoc
    Democratic Party of Tennessee
  • Total: