David Baddiel

David Baddiel

Born May 28, 1964
  • Presenter, Novelist, Comedian, Screenwriter, Actor, Writer
David Lionel Baddiel is a British comedian, novelist and television presenter. He is known for his work alongside Rob Newman in The Mary Whitehouse Experience and partnership with Frank Skinner. Besides comedy, Baddiel is also a published novelist and has gone into screenwriting as well.

David Baddiel Stats


: David Lionel Baddiel, Baddiel, David, Newman


: Presenter, Novelist, Comedian, Screenwriter, Actor, Writer


: 5 ft 7 in (1.72 m)


: England

Date of Birth

: May 28, 1964 (52 years old)

Place of Birth

: New York City

David Baddiel Film Producer

  1. The Infidel

David Baddiel Film Executive Producer

  1. The Infidel

David Baddiel Film Appearances

  1. An Extras Night In
  2. A Night at the Office

David Baddiel TV Starring Roles

  1. Newman and Baddiel in Pieces
  2. The Mary Whitehouse Experience
    The Mary Whitehouse Experience
  3. Fantasy Football League
  4. Baddiel's Syndrome
  5. Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned
  6. The Book Quiz

David Baddiel TV Guest Roles

  1. David Baddiel
  2. David Baddiel, Paul Shane, Annabel Giles, Muriel Gray
  3. Episode 5
    Mr Mann dressed as David Baddiel
  4. Episode #4
  5. Ooer, Sounds A Bit Rude
    Art Bidder
  6. The Comics
  7. David Baddiel
  8. The Double Acts
  9. Charles Kennedy, David Baddiel
  10. 4th June 2006

David Baddiel TV Appearances

  1. Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned
  2. Where's Elvis This Week?

David Baddiel Albums

  1. Three Lions ’98
  2. Three Lions

David Baddiel Books

  1. Time for bed
  2. Was man so Liebe nennt.
  3. Ab ins Bett.
  4. Whatever Love Means
  5. The secret purposes
  6. Fantasy Football Diary
  7. David Feckham
  8. L'Amour, si ça veut dire quelque choseÂ
  9. Time for Bed