Christopher Reid

Born Apr 5, 1964
  • Comedian, Actor, Rapper, Screenwriter
Net Worth
$100 Thousand
Christopher Reid, formerly known as Kid, is an American actor, comedian, and former rapper.
Christopher Reid

Christopher Reid Stats


: Chris Reid, Reid, Christopher, Kid Coolout, Christopher "Kid" Reid, Kid-N-Play, Kid N' Play, Chris 'Kid' Reid, Kid, Kid 'N Play, Christopher 'Kid' Reid


: Comedian, Actor, Rapper, Screenwriter


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: April 5, 1964

Place of Birth

: The Bronx

Christopher Reid Film Roles

  1. House Party 3
  2. House Party 2
  3. The Temptations
    Joltin' Joe
    The Temptations
  4. Class Act
  5. War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave
    George Herbert
  6. House Party
    Christopher 'Kid' Harris
    House Party
  7. Sword of Honor

Christopher Reid Film Appearances

  1. Ultimate Jordan
    Ultimate Jordan
  2. Trouble Dolls

Christopher Reid TV Starring Roles

  1. Black in the 80s
  2. Kid 'n Play
  3. Celebracadabra

Christopher Reid TV Guest Roles

  1. Kid-Napped
  2. Forever Sheneneh
  3. Working Girls
  4. Tinfins
  5. Dont Do That Thing You Do
  6. Show Me the Money
  7. Jason Priestley, Sherri Shepherd, Chris "Kid" Reid
  8. Musicians

Christopher Reid Musical Groups

  1. Kid 'n' Play