Chris Carmack

Chris Carmack

Born Dec 22, 1980
  • Model, Actor, Voice Actor
Net Worth
$2 Million
James Christopher "Chris" Carmack is an American actor and former fashion model, best known for his roles in two popular television shows—the 2003 teen drama series The O.C., and the 2012 country music drama Nashville. Carmack has appeared in many films, including The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelatio...

Chris Carmack Stats


: James Christopher Carmack, James Christopher 'Chris' Carmack


: Model, Actor, Voice Actor


: 6 ft (1.85 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: December 22, 1980

Place of Birth

: Washington, D.C.

Chris Carmack Film Roles

  1. Love Wrecked
    Jason Masters
    Love Wrecked
  2. Suburban Girl
  3. The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations
  4. Into the Blue 2: The Reef
  5. Beauty & the Briefcase
  6. The Last Ride
    Matthew Rondell
  7. H2O Extreme
    H2O Extreme
  8. Alpha and Omega
  9. Shark Night
    Shark Night
  10. Deadly Honeymoon
    Trevor Forrest
    Deadly Honeymoon

Chris Carmack TV Starring Roles

  1. Beach Girls
    Beach Girls
  2. The O.C.
    Luke Ward
  3. Nashville
    Will Lexington

Chris Carmack TV Guest Roles

  1. Premiere
  2. Francesca
  3. Forbidden Fruit
  4. Daddy's Little Girl
  5. Crazy
  6. London Calling
  7. Not Without My Daughter
  8. Henry Winkler, Chris Carmack, John Pizzarelli
  9. Sunday
  10. The Godmother (a.k.a. Trust)
Chris Carmack