Chas Hodges

Born Dec 28, 1943
  • Singer, Musician, Pianist, Actor
Chas Hodges is an English musician and singer, probably best known for being one half, and lead vocalist, of the English musical duo, Chas & Dave. Before founding Chas & Dave, Hodges had worked with the producer Joe Meek, as a session musician, backing Jerry Lee Lewis & Gene Vincent, and has also pl...

Chas Hodges Stats


: Hodges, Chas, Chas, Chas & Dave, Chas 'n' Dave, Chas and Dave, Heads Hands and Feet, The Outlaws, Charles Nicholas Hodges


: Singer, Musician, Pianist, Actor


: United Kingdom

Date of Birth

: Dec 28, 1943 (73 years old)

Place of Birth

: Edmonton, London

Chas Hodges Film Roles

  1. Telstar: The Joe Meek Story
    Mr. Brolin

Chas Hodges Musical Groups

  1. Chas 'n' Dave
    Chas 'n' Dave
  2. The Outlaws
  3. The Sessions
  4. Heads Hands & Feet