Charles Martin Smith

Charles Martin Smith

Born Oct 30, 1953
  • Film Director, Actor, Screenwriter, Television Director, Film Producer
Net Worth
$1.5 Million
Charles Martin Smith is an American film actor, writer, and director. He is best known for his roles in American Graffiti, Never Cry Wolf, Starman, and The Untouchables.

Charles Martin Smith Stats


: Charlie Martin Smith, Charles Martin-Smith, C.M. Smith


: Film Director, Actor, Screenwriter, Television Director, Film Producer


: 5 ft 4 in (1.626 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: 1953-10-30

Place of Birth

: Van Nuys

Charles Martin Smith Film Roles

  1. American Graffiti
    American Graffiti
  2. Blackout Effect
    Blackout Effect
  3. Herbie Goes Bananas
  4. Never Cry Wolf
    Farley Mowat
  5. The Buddy Holly Story
    Ray Bob
  6. The Last Casino
    The Last Casino
  7. The Untouchables
    Agent Oscar Wallace
    The Untouchables
  8. More American Graffiti
  9. Left Behind: World at War
  10. The Beast

Charles Martin Smith Film Director

  1. Air Bud
  2. Boris and Natasha: The Movie
  3. Trick or Treat
  4. Icon
  5. The Snow Walker
  6. Stone of Destiny
  7. Radioland Murders
  8. Roughing It
  9. Fifty/Fifty
  10. Dolphin Tale

Charles Martin Smith Film Executive Producer

  1. Dead Heat
  2. Here's to Life!
    Here's to Life!

Charles Martin Smith Film Appearances

  1. Guns of the Civil War

Charles Martin Smith TV Starring Roles

  1. Left Behind
  2. Da Vinci's City Hall
  3. Drive
  4. Streets of Laredo
    Streets of Laredo

Charles Martin Smith TV Guest Roles

  1. Blood Brothers
  2. The Beacon
  3. Love is a Four-Letter Word (1)
  4. The Beantown Bailout Job
  5. The Wheeler-Dealer
  6. F. Emasculata
    Dr. Osbourne
  7. Love is a Four-Letter Word (2)
  8. Blockade
  9. Part 1
    Part 1