Carla Kihlstedt

Born 1971
  • Musician, Songwriter, Violinist, Multi-instrumentalist, Composer
Carla Kihlstedt is an American composer, violinist, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and currently working from a home studio on Cape Cod. She is a founding member of Tin Hat Trio, Rabbit Rabbit, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, The Book of Knots and Causing a T...

Carla Kihlstedt Stats


: Musician, Songwriter, Violinist, Multi-instrumentalist, Composer


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: 1971

Place of Birth

: Lancaster

Carla Kihlstedt Film Appearances

  1. Approximately Nels Cline

Carla Kihlstedt Musical Groups

  1. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
  2. Carla Kihlstedt & Satoko Fujii
  3. Charming Hostess
    Charming Hostess
  4. The Book of Death
  5. 2 Foot Yard
  6. Cosa Brava
    Cosa Brava
  7. Tin Hat
  8. Tin Hat
  9. Tin Hat
  10. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Carla Kihlstedt Albums

  1. 2 Foot Yard
  2. Minamo
  3. The Compass, Log and Lead
  4. Ravish and Other Tales for the Stage
  5. Causing a Tiger
  6. Still You Lay Dreaming: Tales for the Stage, II