Bryan Greenberg

Born May 24, 1978
  • Actor, Musician, Singer
Net Worth
$2 Million
Bryan Greenberg is an American actor and musician, known for his starring role as Ben Epstein in the HBO original series How to Make It in America as well as a recurring role as Jake Jagielski in the The WB series One Tree Hill and as Nick Garrett on the short-lived ABC drama October Road. His film ...
Bryan Greenberg

Bryan Greenberg Stats


: Bryan E. Greenberg, BG


: Actor, Musician, Singer


: 6 ft (1.83 m)


: Jewish American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: May 24, 1978

Place of Birth

: Omaha

Bryan Greenberg Film Roles

  1. Prime
    David Bloomberg
  2. The Perfect Score
    Matty Matthews
  3. Nobel Son
    Barkley Michaelson
  4. Bride Wars
    Nate Lerner
  5. The Good Guy
    Daniel Seaver
    The Good Guy
  6. Love & Debate
  7. The Normals
    Billy Schine
  8. The Kitchen
    The Kitchen
  9. Flock of Dudes
    Flock of Dudes
  10. A Short History of Decay
    Nathan Fisher

Bryan Greenberg Film Appearances

    Bryan Greenberg TV Starring Roles

    1. October Road
      Nick Garrett
    2. How to Make It in America
      Ben Epstein
    3. Unscripted

    Bryan Greenberg TV Guest Roles

    1. To Wish Impossible Things
    2. Great Expectations
    3. The Leaving Song
    4. How Can You Be Sure?
    5. Over the Hills and Far Away
    6. Are You True?
    7. Suddenly Everything Has Changed
    8. The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
    9. Something I Can Never Have
    10. The Living Years

    Bryan Greenberg TV Appearances

    1. Unscripted

    Bryan Greenberg Albums

    1. Waiting for Now
      Waiting for Now
    Bryan Greenberg