Bobby Burgess

Bobby Burgess

Born May 19, 1941
Net Worth
$2.5 Million
Robert Wilkie "Bobby" Burgess is an American dancer and singer. As a child he was an original Mouseketeer and later in life a regular on the The Lawrence Welk Show.

Bobby Burgess Stats


: Robert Wilkie Burgess

Date of Birth

: May 19, 1941

Place of Birth

: Long Beach

Bobby Burgess Film Roles

  1. Lawrence Welk: From Lawrence Welk to America with Love

Bobby Burgess TV Starring Roles

  1. The Lawrence Welk Show
  2. The Mickey Mouse Club

Bobby Burgess TV Guest Roles

  1. The Mouseketeer Reunion
  2. Episode 113
  3. Mary's Double Date

Bobby Burgess TV Appearances

    Bobby Burgess