Bob Rafelson

Born Feb 21, 1933
Robert Rafelson — known as Bob Rafelson — is an American film director, writer and producer. He was an early member of the New Hollywood movement in the 1970s and is most famous for directing and co-writing the film Five Easy Pieces, starring Jack Nicholson, as well as being one of the creators ...
Bob Rafelson

Bob Rafelson Stats


: Robert Rafelson, Robert "Bob" Rafelson


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: February 21, 1933

Place of Birth

: New York City

Bob Rafelson Film Roles

  1. Always

Bob Rafelson Film Director

  1. Five Easy Pieces
    Five Easy Pieces
  2. Head
  3. No Good Deed
    No Good Deed
  4. Stay Hungry
  5. The King of Marvin Gardens
  6. The Postman Always Rings Twice
  7. Blood and Wine
    Blood and Wine
  8. Black Widow
  9. Tales of Erotica
    Tales of Erotica
  10. Mountains of the Moon

Bob Rafelson Film Producer

  1. Head
  2. Stay Hungry
  3. The Last Movie
    The Last Movie
  4. The Postman Always Rings Twice
  5. Five Easy Pieces
    Five Easy Pieces
  6. The Mother and the Whore
  7. Easy Rider
    Easy Rider

Bob Rafelson Film Appearances

  1. No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo & Vilmos

Bob Rafelson TV Guest Roles

  1. Monkees Race Again (a.k.a. Leave the Driving to Us)
    World's Oldest Flower Child
  2. Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers