Bill Anderson

Born Nov 1, 1937
James William "Bill" Anderson III is an American country music singer, songwriter and television personality. He has released more than 40 studio albums and has reached No. 1 on the country charts seven times: "Mama Sang a Song", "Still", "I Get the Fever", "For Loving You", "My Life", "World of Mak...
Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson Stats


: James William Anderson III, Anderson, Bill, Whisperin' Bill, James William Anderson, 'Whispering' Bill Anderson, Whispering Bill Anderson


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: November 1, 1937

Place of Birth

: Columbia

Bill Anderson Film Roles

  1. The Las Vegas Hillbillys

Bill Anderson TV Starring Roles

  1. Fandango
  2. The Better Sex

Bill Anderson TV Guest Roles

  1. The Men That Corrupted Hadleyburg
    The Men That Corrupted Hadleyburg
  2. AB-1534: Bill Anderson
  3. Little Peggy March / Bill Anderson
  4. Host: Marty Robbins

Bill Anderson Albums

  1. Oh Boy Classics Presents Bill Anderson
  2. 12 Classics
  3. The Best of Bill Anderson
  4. Whispering Bill Anderson's Greatest Hits
  5. Fine Wine
  6. A Lot of Things Different
  7. Whisperin' Bluegrass
  8. Still
  9. If It's All the Same to You
  10. Dis-Satisfied