Betty Lynn

Born Aug 29, 1926
  • Actor
Betty Lynn is an American actress. She is best known for having played Thelma Lou in The Andy Griffith Show. She is the last surviving regular female cast member from the show, if the first season's regular appearances of Elinor Donahue are excluded.

Betty Lynn Stats


: "Boo", Betty Ann Lynn, Elizabeth Ann Theresa Lynn


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Aug 29, 1926 (90 years old)

Place of Birth

: Kansas City

Betty Lynn Film Roles

  1. Cheaper by the Dozen
  2. Father was a Fullback
  3. Louisiana Hussy
  4. Gun for a Coward
    Gun for a Coward
  5. Return to Mayberry
    Thelma Lou
    Return to Mayberry
  6. Behind the High Wall
    Anne MacGregor
    Behind the High Wall
  7. The Hangman

Betty Lynn Film Appearances

  1. The Passions of Howard Hughes
    The Passions of Howard Hughes

Betty Lynn TV Starring Roles

  1. Return to Mayberry
    Return to Mayberry
  2. Where's Raymond?
  3. The Andy Griffith Show

Betty Lynn TV Guest Roles

  1. Barney's Physical
  2. Blind Jeopardy
  3. A Date for Gomer
  4. The Don (1)
  5. Andy of Mayberry
  6. The Arrest of the Fun Girls
  7. The Sky is Falling
  8. The New Vice-President
  9. Barney and the Cave Rescue
  10. The Oath