Arlen Specter

Born Feb 12, 1930
  • Lawyer, Politician
Net Worth
$30 Million
Arlen Specter was a United States Senator from Pennsylvania. Specter was a Democrat from 1951 to 1965, then a Republican from 1965 until 2009, when he switched back to the Democratic Party. First elected in 1980, he represented his state for 30 years in the Senate. Specter was a moderate who usually...
Arlen Specter

Arlen Specter Stats


: Arlen Spector


: Lawyer, Politician


: White American


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: February 12, 1930

Place of Birth

: Wichita

Date of Death

: October 14, 2012

Place of Death

: Philadelphia

Cause of Death

: Lymphoma

Arlen Specter TV Guest Roles

  1. Arlen Specter, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney
  2. Sen. Arlen Specter
  3. Money Advice For Mothers
  4. Condoleezza Rice, Howard Dean, Jim Laychak
  5. Februaury 5, 2006
  6. The Republican Rebellion
  7. Spying On Your Calls
  8. Bill Keller

Arlen Specter Books

  1. Peter Lee Case
  2. Education Reform In Pennsylvania
  3. Militia Movement in the U.S
  4. Tamoxifen and Breast Cancer
  5. Security on Campus
Arlen Specter