Antonio Fargas

Born Aug 14, 1946
  • Actor
Net Worth
$1 Million
Antonio Juan Fargas is an American actor known for his roles in 1970s blaxploitation movies, as well as his portrayal of Huggy Bear in the 1970s TV series Starsky and Hutch.
Antonio Fargas

Antonio Fargas Stats


: Antonio Juan Fargas, Huggy Bear, Tony


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: August 14, 1946

Place of Birth

: New York City

Antonio Fargas Film Roles

  1. Car Wash
  2. Foxy Brown
    Link Brown
    Foxy Brown
  3. I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
  4. Putney Swope
  5. The Borrower
  6. Gator King
    Santos Lobilita
  7. The Cool World
  8. American Pimp
  9. Shakedown
    Nicky 'N.C.' Carr
  10. Conrack

Antonio Fargas TV Starring Roles

  1. Starsky & Hutch
    Huggy Bear Brown
  2. Everybody Hates Chris

Antonio Fargas TV Guest Roles

  1. Bart Has Two Mommies
  2. Never Can Say Goodbye
  3. Everybody Hates Homecoming
  4. Family Business
  5. How You Play the Game
  6. The Walking Dead
  7. All the Players Came
  8. Pimps Up, DivaStyle Down
  9. Mirror Image (2)
  10. Girls Own Juice
Antonio Fargas