Anthony O'Donnell

Born 1948
  • Actor
Anthony O'Donnell is a Welsh actor.

Anthony O'Donnell Stats


: Actor


: Wales

Date of Birth

: 1948

Place of Birth

: Wales

Anthony O'Donnell Film Roles

  1. Santa Claus: The Movie
  2. Nuts in May
  3. Sweeney Todd
    Sweeney Todd
  4. Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures
  5. Assassin in Love
  6. Car Trouble
  7. Tess of the D'Urbervilles
  8. Dragonheart: A New Beginning
    Older Mansel
  9. Love's Labour's Lost
    Love's Labour's Lost
  10. Robin Hood
    Emlyn the Bow Maker

Anthony O'Donnell TV Starring Roles

  1. Lovely Couple

Anthony O'Donnell TV Guest Roles

  1. Enemy of the Bane
  2. Grey Area
  3. The Luck Child
  4. The Enemy of My Enemy
  5. Episode Four
  6. Episode 7
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