Al St. John

Born Sep 10, 1892
  • Actor, Film Director
Al St. John in his persona of Fuzzy Q. Jones basically defined the role and concept of "comical sidekick" to cowboy heroes from 1930 to 1951. St. John also created a character, "Stoney," in the first of a continuing Western film series, The Three Mesquiteers, that was later played by John Wayne. Bor...
Al St. John

Al St. John Stats


: Fuzzy St.John, Fuzzy Q. Jones, Al 'Fuzzy' St.John, Al St John, Al 'Fuzzy' St. John, Al. 'Fuzzy' St. John, Al "Fuzzy' St. John, Fuzzy St. John, 'Fuzzy' St. John, Fuzzy


: Actor, Film Director


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: September 10, 1892

Place of Birth

: Santa Ana

Date of Death

: January 21, 1963

Place of Death

: Lyons

Cause of Death

: Myocardial infarction

Al St. John Film Roles

  1. Fatty and Mabel Adrift
    Fatty and Mabel Adrift
  2. Out West
  3. The Butcher Boy
    The Butcher Boy
  4. The New Janitor
    The New Janitor
  5. The Cook
    The Cook
  6. The High Sign
    Man on Beach
    The High Sign
  7. Mabel's Strange Predicament
    Mabel's Strange Predicament
  8. Mabel's Married Life
    Mabel's Married Life
  9. His Prehistoric Past
  10. Riders of Destiny