Alberto Lupo

Born Dec 19, 1924
  • Actor
Alberto Lupo was an Italian film and television actor best known for his roles in swash-buckling and actions films of the 1960s. He starred in films such as A 008, operazione Sterminio in 1965 as Agent 006.

Alberto Lupo Stats


: Alberto Zoboli


: Actor


: Italy

Date of Birth

: December 19, 1924

Place of Birth

: Genoa

Date of Death

: August 13, 1984

Place of Death

: San Felice Circeo

Alberto Lupo Film Roles

  1. The Agony and the Ecstasy
  2. Atom Age Vampire
    Prof. Alberto Levin
  3. The American Pop Collection: Vol. 1
  4. Django Shoots First
  5. Son of Cleopatra
  6. The Revenge of the Crusader
    The Revenge of the Crusader
  7. Ultimate Hero
  8. Minotaur, the Wild Beast of Crete
  9. Swordsman of Siena
    Andrea Paresi
  10. Coriolanus: Hero without a Country

Alberto Lupo Film Appearances

  1. Film Crew: Giant of Marathon
Alberto Lupo