Resolving Tax Problems


In this video Lawrence Lawler, National Director of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, describes the alternatives a taxpayer has to resolve problems with the IRS. He covers numerous IRS programs a taxpayer may use to deal with unpaid taxes. He tells you what the IRS policy is when a taxpayer has failed to file tax returns and what to do about it even when you are missing records. You will learn when it is important to have a professional representative and how to find a specialist who


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Resolving Tax Videos

  • Seeking Professional Help for a Tax Audit
  • Offers in Compromise of Unpaid Tax
  • What to Do If You Have Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Statutes of Limitation on Tax Collection
  • Innocent Spouse Rules in Tax Payment
  • Currently Non Collectible Tax Payer
  • Statute of Limitations for Tax Audits
  • How to Prepare for a Field Tax Audit