Dow Jumps 180 Points on Reports of EU Bailout Fund Expansion


Dow Jumps Videos

  • Europe Leads the Way For Another Dow Rally
  • Dow Rises 37 Points on EFSF Expansion Reports and US Manufacturing Growth
  • Dow Drops More Than 72 Points as EFSF Expansion Talks Stall and as the Fed's Outlook on the Economy Weakens
  • See-Saw Session For the Dow on Greek Rescue Fund Uncertainty
  • Dow Closes the Week With a 22+ Point Gain While Whirlpool Shares Spiral Downwards
  • All Focus Returns to Europe as the EU Summit Kicks Off This Weekend & Groupon Releases Its First Official Pricing
  • Global Markets Rise, EFSF Expansion Amount in Question, & Apple in Focus
  • Another Strong Showing for the Dow