Queen Elizabeth of England Net Worth

How much is Queen Elizabeth of England Worth?

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Queen Elizabeth of England Net Worth
Net Worth:
$550 Million
Date of Birth
September 7, 1533
Place of Birth
Palace of Placentia

Queen Elizabeth of England net worth: Queen Elizabeth II is the constitutional monarch of sixteen realms of the 53-member Commonwealth of Nations and the Head of the Commonwealth and Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Queen Elizabeth II of England has a net worth of $550 million dollars. Queen Elizabeth II reigns over the 16 nations that make up the Commonwealth of Realms including he United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis. She is also the head of the Church of England.

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born in London, United Kingdom in April 1926. Her parents were Prince Albert, Duke of York, and Elizabeth, Duchess of York. During the Second World War she served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. She married Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark in 1947 and had four children. She ascended in 1952 and became queen regnant of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Ceylon. Her coronation was the first one to be televised. She is now also the Queen of Jamaica, Barbados, The Bahamas, Grenada, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Tuvalu, Antigua and Barbuda, Nevis, and Saint Kitts. Elizabeth is the longest lived British monarch. The Queen's heir apparent to the throne is Charles, Prince of Wales. She has met with the Pope and has had to deal with tragedies such as the death of her father, mother, sister, and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. She is a constitutional monarch and rarely grants interviews. She is the patron of more than 600 charities and organizations and owns Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

Queen Elizabeth of England Net Worth

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Queen Elizabeth of England

Queen Elizabeth of England

Elizabeth I was queen regnant of England and Ireland from 17 November 1558 until her death. Sometimes called "The Virgin Queen", "Gloriana" or "Good Queen Bess", Elizabeth was the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor dynasty. The daughter of Henry VIII, she was born into the ...
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  • September 7, 1533
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  • Gloriana
  • Good Queen Bess
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