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Missy Robertson Net Worth
Net Worth:
$4 Million

Missy Robertson Net Worth: Missy Robertson is an American reality television personality who has a net worth of $4 million. Missy Robertson is best known as the wife of Jase Robertson of the reality television show Duck Dynasty. Since day one on the reality show, Missy and husband Jase have been very candid about aspects of their personal life, including sharing their story of their brave daughter's story of her birth defect. They soon even launched into talking about their sex lifeā€”the couple revealing that they waited to do the deed until their wedding night. In August of 2014, Missy and Jase publicly shared their heartbreak over experiencing a miscarriage. Although their first two children, Reed and Cole, were born without issue, they revealed that they lost a baby in 2002. Because Missy suffered a miscarriage at 30 years old, she was afraid that this meant she could no longer carry children to term. This was unsettling for Missy and Jase, because they had plans to continue expanding their family. They were delighted to find out they were expecting another child, though taken aback when they found out she (Mia) would be born with a cleft palate. The couple always appears in the media to be blissfully happy and, in fact, husband Jase says that, three kids later, he still makes moves on his lady.

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Missy Robertson Net Worth

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Missy Robertson

Missy Robertson is a member of The Robertsons musical group and the wife of Jase Robertson.