Jordan Belfort Net Worth

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Jordan Belfort Net Worth
Net Worth:
-$100 Million
Date of Birth
July 9, 1962
Place of Birth
The Bronx
Motivational speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Film Producer, Screenwriter

Jordan Belfort net worth: Jordan Belfort is an American author and motivational speaker who has a net worth of -$100 million dollars. Jordan Belfort was born in The Bronx, New York on July 9, 1962. He is probably most famous for being the founder of the financial brokerage firm, Stratton Oakmont. The firm became quite successful in the 90s, and at one point, employed over 1000 brokers and handled approximately $1 billion in assets. Jordan Belfort was known for partaking in a heavy-spending, hard-partying lifestyle. This included purchasing a yacht formerly owned by Coco Chanel. The yacht subsequently sank off the coast of Italy, after Mr. Belfort insisted on sailing it in high winds. Unfortunately, the good times did not last at Stratton Oakmont. The firm was essentially operating a boiler-room style pump and dump scheme that defrauded many clients out of vast sums of money. Jordan Belfort was indicted for money laundering and fraud in 1998. He was convicted of securities fraud and money laundering and would go on to spend almost two years in jail. He also had to pay clients back nearly $100 million of the $200 million that he stole from them. He has since written two bestselling memoirs and currently works as a motivational speaker. His life story was turned into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill. Martin Scorcese directed the project. As per the terms of his conviction, Jordan Belfort is required to pay $110 million in restitution to more than 1500 defrauded clients. To date he has only paid back $11.6 million worth of restitution. The majority of those funds came from the sale of various properties Mr. Belfort had acquired during his high flying Wall Street pump and dump days.

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Jordan Belfort Net Worth

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Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort is a film producer.
Motivational speaker / Entrepreneur / Author / Film Producer / Screenwriter
Date of Birth
  • July 9, 1962
  • Džordan Belfort
  • Джордан Рос Белфорт
  • Jordan Belfort
  • 조단 벨포트
  • จอร์แดน เบลฟอร์ท
  • Джордън Белфорт
  • جردن بلفرد
  • Белфорт, Джордан
  • 乔丹·贝尔福特
  • United States of America
  • United States of America
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  • The Wolf of Wall Street
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