John Adams Morgan Net Worth

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John Adams Morgan Net Worth
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$100 Million

John Adams Morgan net worth: John Adams Morgan is an American businessman who has a net worth of $100 million. John Adams Morgan earned his net worth as a descendant of the banker J.P. Morgan and American President John Adams. JP Morgan is his great-great grandfather on his father's side and he is the three times great grandson of President John Adams on his mother's side. John Adams Morgan has gained notoriety as the ex-husband of Real Housewives of New York cast member Sonja Morgan. Sonja, who was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2011, claims her ex-husband owes her as much as $3 million as part of their divorce settlement, and $300 thousand in child support. Morgan lives on a $19 million private island off of Standord, Conncticut that has made his lack of payment especially frustrating for Sonja. John Adams Morgan is roughly 80 years old and is 33 years older than his ex-wife. John and Sonja met while she was working as the hostess and public relations guru at an upscale Manhattan Italian restaurant called San Pietro. The couple have a daughter named Quincy. They separated in 2006 around the same time they were financing a movie, Fast Flash to Bang Time, with Hannibal Pictures that was supposed to star John Travolta through Sonja's company, Sonja Productions. Sonja never paid the promise money to back to film and they won a $7 million lawsuit against her. Sonja claims she backed out of the project because she was served with divorce papers. The divorce was finalized in 2008, but the couple are still battling over the final $3 million lump-sum divorce settlement because Morgan claims he was forced to pay more than was listed in his prenup.

John Adams Morgan

John Adams Morgan Net Worth

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