Robert Metcalfe Net Worth

How much is Robert Metcalfe Worth?

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Robert Metcalfe Net Worth
Net Worth:
$250 Million
Date of Birth
April 7, 1946
Place of Birth
Entrepreneur, Electrical engineer, Engineer, Businessperson, Computer Scientist

Robert Metcalfe is an electrical engineer with an estimated net worth of $250 Million Metcalfe gained his net worth as the founder of the pioneering digital electronics manufacturer, computer 3Com. He is the inventor of Ethernet.

Metcalfe's thrush for engineering and technology sketched back when he was attending elementary school. The New Yorker was fascinated by gadgets and all things electrical. By the age of ten, Metcalfe knew he will be an engineer one day.

Metcalfe took his first steps to engineering when he attended the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He graduated with two B.S degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business Management. Metcalfe went on to Harvard, earning a M.S. in Applied Mathematics in 1970 and Ph.D. in Computer Science three years later.

Whilst studying at Harvard, Metcalfe developed an interest with the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) – the world's first operating system that shaped the internet. Metcalfe's fascination with ARPNET was so great, that he dedicated his doctoral dissertation on it. As well as working on his dissertation, Metcalfe worked at Xerox PACS, where he made his mark as an engineer. He invented the Ethernet the local area network that makes it possible to use PCs as communication devices.

Metcalfe then moved to Xerox's system development division in 1976, where he was involved in developing the first ever PC to have a bit map screen, mouse, word processing, Ethernet plus software that make it possible to include text and graphic in the same document.

Robert Metcalfe Net Worth

How much is Robert Metcalfe worth?

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Robert Metcalfe

Robert Metcalfe

Robert Melancton "Bob" Metcalfe is an electrical engineer from the United States who co-invented Ethernet, founded 3Com and formulated Metcalfe's Law. As of January 2006, he is a general partner of Polaris Venture Partners. Starting in January 2011, he holds the position of ...
Entrepreneur / Electrical engineer / Engineer / Businessperson / Computer Scientist
Date of Birth
  • April 7, 1946
  • Bob Metcalfe
  • Robert Melancton Metcalfe
  • Robert M Metcalfe
  • United States of America
  • United States of America
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  • Internet collapses and other InfoWorld punditry
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