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Angela Bennett Net Worth
Net Worth:
$2.3 Billion

Angela Bennett net worth: Angela Bennett is an Australian heiress and businesswoman who has a net worth of $2.3 billion. Born to Wright Prospecting's co-founder Peter Wright, Angela Bennett heads her father's outfit and thus collects millions each year from its share of the Hamersley iron ore royalty. However, Bennett has stepped down from her board member position at Wright Prospecting due to poor health. Her board seat was taken over by her niece, a daughter of her late brother Michael Wright who died in April 2012. It was in 2010, when Angela and Michael were listed with $2.3 billion fortune. But ever since, lower iron ore prices reduced her half of that pile. Actually, the siblings didn't do much with their cash over the years, and no clear leader has emerged so far in the next generation. After Michael's death his half went to his 3 children, who let professional advisors play a bigger role in running the company. Also, the family has become more aggressive in pursuing new mining and property-investment opportunities. Nevertheless, Angela Bennett is still the second richest woman in Australia, after Gina Rinehart.

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