Michael Arrington Net Worth

How much is Michael Arrington Worth?

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Michael Arrington Net Worth
Net Worth:
$15 Million
Date of Birth
March 13, 1970
Place of Birth
Entrepreneur, Editor, Journalist, Writer

Michael Arrington is a blogger, entrepreneur and the co-editor, as well as founder of the blog, TechCrunch, and has a net worth of $15 million. Michael Arrington has earned his net worth through his creation of the web publication, TechCrunch, which handles the profiling of other websites, products and beginning companies. He also began a program called "CrunchPad," which he was working on with Fusion Garage, but, Fusion Garage decided to sell this product on their own, without Arrington. Michael then filed a law suit against them. Fusion Garage then changed the name of CrunchPad to JooJoo and began taking orders for the product. Another law suit was filed by Arrington and TechCrunch, stating that Fusion Garage was guilty of fraud, and other violations. Fusion Garage wasn't provided source codes when shipping products, and after Kernel hacker Matthew Garrett notified the Border Protection and the U.S. Customs, Fusion began suppling the necessary sourc codes on their web site.

How much money is Michael Arrington worth?

Michael Arrington Net Worth

Michael Arrington was raised in Huntington Beach, California and Surrey, England. He went to the University of California, in Berkeley, and majored in economics at Claremont McKenna University, where he graduated. He also attended Stanford Law School and practiced law at O'Melviny & Myers, as well as, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rossati, in both corporate and securities law. Arrington is also the co-founder of Achex (an internet payments company), as well as, Zipca and Pool.com. He is the founder of Edgeio and the Chief Operating Officer of Razorgator, as well as serving on the board of directors for Foldera. Arrington has stated that dropping out of Harvard, after your first year, is a good thing, because then everyone knows you were intelligent enough to get in. I guess he considers that as the important thing. In his discussion with students from UC-Berkeley, Arrington pushed the point that to be an entrepreneur, you don't need a college education. He believes it's just a waste of time and just getting in and taking one year is good enough. In fact, he claims that college isn't necessary to be a success in business. His comments have certainly started up quite a controversy.

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Michael Arrington

J. Michael Arrington is the American founder and former co-editor of TechCrunch, a blog covering the Silicon Valley technology start-up communities and the wider technology field in USA and elsewhere. Magazines such as Wired and Forbes have named Arrington one of the most po...
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  • March 13, 1970
  • Jack Michael Arrington
  • J. Michael Arrington
  • Mike Arrington
  • United States of America
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