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Geoff Stirling Net Worth
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$100 Million
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St. John's

Geoff Stirling net worth: Geoff Stirling is a Canadian media mogul, graphic novelist, hall of fame broadcaster and overall legend who has a net worth of $100 million. Geoff Stirling is the founder and current chairman of Stirling Communications International (SCI). SCI owns and operates media properties throughout Newfoundland, most notably Newfoundland Television (NTV), The Newfoundland Herald and CHOZ-FM radio. Stirling also created several graphic novels including Atlantis and Captain Canada. Captain Canada debuted in the Newfoundland Herald in 1979 and today is a national Canadian icon and the mascot of NTV. Geoff Stirling is also known as somewhat of an eccentric. He is passionate about eastern mysticism and yoga and has been known to devote hours of airtime discussing a wide range of topics including UFOs, the pyramids and more. NTV

Geoff Stirling was born March 21, 1921. According to legend, he originally conceived of the idea to start the Newfoundland Herald while hunting alligators in Honduras in 1946. While on expedition a stack of Miami Herald newspapers were dropped from the sky. Seeing the Miami Herald reach all the way to a remove Central American jungle inspired Stirling to create a newspaper that could reach the most remote outposts of his native Newfoundland. The Newfoundland Herald celebrated its 65th anniversary in May 2011. NTV was the first station in Newfoundland to broadcast 24 hours. In the 1970s NTV became a cultural trailblazer when it began airing music videos from popular rock bands in the middle of the night and during other dead air periods. This was a full decade before similar sounding and far more recognizable MTV launched. Today Geoff Stirling lives on his ranch in Arizona.

One of the most legendary Geoff Stirling stories involves John Lennon and Yoko Ono. In 1969, Stirling and his son were staying in London when they heard The Beatles' song Come Together. Stirling was apparently so moved by the song that he immediately sent Lennon a telegram saying "I've heard your Come Together. So here I am. Geoff Stirling." Within the hour, Lennon replied to the telegram and invited the duo to Apple Studios where Geoff and his son conducted a series of interviews which would eventually be broadcast to his Canadian radio stations.

Geoff Stirling

Geoff Stirling Net Worth

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