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Net Worth:
$19 Million
Date of Birth
February 14, 1960
Place of Birth
American football player, Actor

Jim Kelly has an estimated net worth of $19 Million. Kelly gained his net worth as one of the greatest football players, as he made history during his time with Buffalo Bill .The 51 year old retired from the game in 1996.

Pennsylvanian-born Kelly started playing football in high school and straight after his senior year, he was picked to join the Big 33 Football Classic. Kelly was also an avid basketball player, scoring over 1000 points and has led his high school team to the semi-finals.

Kelly went on to University of Miami, where he is responsible for building the institution into one of the biggest Premier collegiate football program. Along with his mind-blowing performance, this earned Kelly a place in the University of Miami Hall of Fame in 1992.

Kelly was picked by the Buffalo Bills for the 1983 NFL Draft and shortly afterwards, he signed with the Houston Gamblers. Again Kelly made his mark, as he made several league records, surpassing most players' performance. After the break down of Gamblers, Kelly went on to New Jersey General, which folded in 1986.
In the same year, Kelly returned to old team Buffalo Bills where he continued to make history. The Buffalo Bills player led his team to five championships form 1989-1995.

To date, Kelly holds the NFL record for most yards gained in one game (against the Carolina Panthers in 1995). He also holds the title for being one of NFL's best passers in 1990 and led the league with around 33 touchdown passes. Best of all Kelly made the Pro Bowl four times, where he was the second player to make history, behind Joe Montana. Kelly retired from the game (on a high) in 1996. With is record-breaking results, Kelly has a well-deserved spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2002.

During his football years, Kelly wasn't just the All-American football star –he also rans a camp for 8-18 year olds at the Buffalo Bill facilities from 1988. Post-football years saw Kelly owning several businesses, including the Hall of Fame Life Promotions, a company dedicated to his son Hunter James Kelly, who died from Krabbe Disease at the age of 8.

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James Edward Kelly is a retired American football quarterback in the NFL for the Buffalo Bills and in the USFL for the Houston Gamblers. Kelly was the third quarterback taken in the 1983 NFL Draft which featured six quarterbacks taken in the first round where John Elway was ...
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  • February 14, 1960
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