Brian Bosworth Net Worth

How much is Brian Bosworth Worth?

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Brian Bosworth Net Worth
Net Worth:
$3.5 Million
Date of Birth
March 9, 1965
Place of Birth
Oklahoma City
American football player, Actor, Real Estate Broker

Brian Bosworth net worth and salary: Brian Bosworth is a former professional football player and actor who has a net worth of $3.5 Million. Although his main career is slated as a "Professional Football Player", he only played two seasons and many describe him as one of the biggest draft busts in history. In 1987, after a fantastic college career in Oklahoma, he signed with the Seattle Seahawks with a very hefty 10 year, $11 million contract. Only problem is, he played just two seasons, where he pretty much failed to impress anyone. But Brian Bosworth did manage to make some smart moves off the field. When Bosworth openly talked trash about the Denver quarterback John Elway, 10,000 Denver fans wore $15 t-shirts that read, "BAN THE BOZ." Ironically, those T-shirts were manufactured by Bosworth's company… So he certainly got the last laugh. But the Seahawks weren't laughing and they essentially forced him into retirement after only a couple seasons. Since then he has been doing what any out of work athlete does.. Playing woefully ironic characters in movies. This can be seen in the 1991 low budget movie, Stone Cold and more recently, "The Longest Yard." Not too bad for someone who should have won "Douche of the year" for his haircut in the 80's (see below).

Brian Bosworth Net Worth

How much is Brian Bosworth worth?

Brian Bosworth Earnings

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Brian Bosworth

Brian Bosworth

Brian Keith Bosworth, nicknamed "The Boz," is a former Seattle Seahawk NFL football Linebacker and current Hollywood film actor. He played in the NFL for three seasons during the 1980s. Bosworth played college football for the University of Oklahoma, and was a two-time conse...
Date of Birth
  • March 9, 1965
  • The Boz
  • Brian Keith Bosworth
  • Brian "Boz" Bosworth
  • White American
  • 247 lbs (112 kg)
  • United States of America
  • United States of America
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