La donna dei faraoni

La donna dei faraoni is a 1960 historical drama film directed by Victor Tourjansky and starring John Drew Barrymore. The film is set in ancient Egypt in the 31st century BC, shortly after the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, and pertains to a love story set against the back-drop of a power stru...

La donna dei faraoni Stats

Release Date

: 1961-05


: 1 hr 27 min


: Italian Language


: Adventure Film | History | Romance Film


: Italy

La donna dei faraoni Actors

  1. Pierre Brice
    Pierre Brice
  2. Lilli Lembo
  3. John Drew Barrymore
    John Drew Barrymore
  4. Nerio Bernardi
  5. Guido Celano
  6. Armando Francioli
  7. Linda Cristal

La donna dei faraoni Directors

  1. Victor Tourjansky
La Donna Dei Faraoni