Salvage is a 2009 British horror film directed by Lawrence Gough, produced by Julie Lau and written by Colin O'Donnell and Alan Patterson. The film stars Neve McIntosh, Shaun Dooley and Linzey Cocker as residents in a suburban street who find themselves isolated from the outside world following an e...

Salvage Stats

Release Date

: 2009


: 1 hr 19 min


: English Language


: Horror | Monster movie


: United Kingdom

Salvage Actors

  1. Shahid Ahmed
  2. Dean Andrews
  3. Neve McIntosh
  4. Trevor Hancock
  5. Paul Opacic
  6. Linzey Cocker

Salvage Directors

  1. Lawrence Gough

Salvage Executive Producers

  1. Christopher Moll
  2. Lisa-Marie Russo

Salvage Producers

  1. Julie Ann Lau

Salvage Editors

  1. Anthony Ham

Salvage Casting Directors

  1. David Shaw