Not of This Earth

Not of This Earth is a 1988 remake of the 1957 science fiction-horror Not of This Earth. The film was directed by Jim Wynorski. The film was made as a result of a wager where Wynorski bet he could remake the film in the same budget and schedule as the 1957 version by Roger Corman. This film starred ...

Not of This Earth Stats

Release Date

: 1988-05-13


: 1 hr 21 min


: English Language


: Science Fiction | Horror | B movie | Cult film


: United States of America


: R (USA)

Not of This Earth Actors

  1. Traci Lords
    Traci Lords
  2. Arthur Roberts
  3. Ace Mask
  4. Lenny Juliano
  5. Roger Lodge
  6. Rebecca Perle

Not of This Earth Directors

  1. Jim Wynorski

Not of This Earth Producers

  1. Roger Corman
    Roger Corman
  2. Jim Wynorski