Summer Heat

Zomerhitte is a 2008 film directed by Monique van de Ven. Her first feature-length film, it is based on the 2005 book-week giveaway novella by Jan Wolkers. Wolkers, who died while the film was in post-production, also authored the story for van de Ven's first film as an actress, Turkish Delight.

Summer Heat Stats

Release Date

: 2008-03-20


: 1 hr 36 min


: Dutch Language


: Crime Thriller | Thriller | Erotic thriller | Drama


: Netherlands

Summer Heat Actors

  1. Jeroen Willems
  2. Waldemar Torenstra
  3. Cees Geel
  4. Jelka van Houten

Summer Heat Directors

  1. Monique van de Ven
    Monique van de Ven

Summer Heat Producers

  1. Ate de Jong

Summer Heat Editors

  1. Job ter Burg