Project A Part II

Project A Part II is a 1987 Hong Kong action film written, directed by and starring Jackie Chan which serves as a sequel to his 1983 Asian hit film Project A. Although Chan stars as Sergeant Dragon Ma once again, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, stars from the original film, are absent.

Project A Part II Stats

Release Date

: 1987-08-19


: 1 hr 41 min


: Yue Chinese | Cantonese | Standard Mandarin


: Martial Arts Film | Action Film | Crime Fiction | World cinema | Action/Adventure | Chinese Movies | Comedy


: Hong Kong

Project A Part II Actors

  1. Rosamund Kwan
  2. Jackie Chan
    Dragon Mi Yong
    Jackie Chan
  3. Maggie Cheung
    Maggie Cheung
  4. Bill Tung
  5. Carina Lau
  6. David Lam
  7. Regina Kent
  8. Sam Lui
  9. Yao Lin Chen
  10. Kenny Ho

Project A Part II Directors

  1. Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan

Project A Part II Executive Producers

  1. Raymond Chow
    Raymond Chow

Project A Part II Producers

  1. Raymond Chow
    Raymond Chow
  2. Leonard Ho
  3. David Lam
  4. Edward Tang

Project A Part II Editors

  1. Peter Cheung

Project A Part II Writers

  1. Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan
  2. Edward Tang