Once Were Warriors

Once Were Warriors is a 1994 film based on New Zealand author Alan Duff's bestselling 1990 first novel. The film tells the story of an urban Māori family the Hekes and their problems with poverty, alcoholism and domestic violence, mostly brought on by family patriarch Jake. It was directed by Lee T...

Once Were Warriors Stats

Release Date

: 1994-01-10


: 1 hr 39 min


: English Language | Māori language


: Film adaptation | Indie film | World cinema | Family Drama | Marriage Drama | Drama


: Pedophilia


: New Zealand


: R (USA)

Once Were Warriors Actors

  1. Temuera Morrison
    Jake "the Muss" Heke
  2. Rena Owen
  3. Pete Smith
    Pete Smith
  4. Cliff Curtis
  5. Mamaengaroa Kerr-Bell
  6. Taungaroa Emile
  7. Rachael Morris Jr.
  8. Joseph Kairau
  9. Julian Arahanga

Once Were Warriors Directors

  1. Lee Tamahori

Once Were Warriors Producers

  1. Robin Scholes

Once Were Warriors Editors

  1. Michael J. Horton

Once Were Warriors Writers

  1. Riwia Brown