My Big Break

My Big Break is a 2009 documentary film directed by Tony Zierra starring Wes Bentley, Tony Zierra, Brad Rowe, Chad Lindberg and Greg Fawcett. The film was produced by MBB Group, Elizabeth Yoffe and Tony Zierra.

My Big Break Stats

Release Date

: 2009-09-19


: 1 hr 41 min


: English Language


: Documentary | Culture & Society


: United States of America

My Big Break Actors

  1. Chad Lindberg
    Chad Lindberg
  2. Brad Rowe
  3. Wes Bentley
    Wes Bentley
  4. Greg Fawcett

My Big Break Directors

  1. Tony Zierra

My Big Break Producers

  1. Elizabeth Yoffe
  2. Tony Zierra