Men of Israel

"Israel is a country of sun drenched beaches, breathtaking vistas, and the world's hottest men. A groundbreaking production, Lucas Entertainment's Men of Israel is the first gay adult film shot entirely on location in Israel with an all-Israeli cast. It takes you on a sexual journey exploring the st...

Men of Israel Stats

Release Date

: 2009-08-14


: 1 hr 56 min


: Hebrew Language | English Language


: Gay pornography


: Israel

Men of Israel Actors

  1. Matan Shalev
  2. Avi Dar
  3. Naor Tal
  4. Jonathan Agassi
  5. Guy Ronen
  6. Ninrod Gonen
  7. Morr Foxx

Men of Israel Directors

  1. Michael Lucas
    Michael Lucas
  2. mr. Pam
    mr. Pam

Men of Israel Producers

  1. Michael Lucas
    Michael Lucas

Men of Israel Editors

  1. mr. Pam
    mr. Pam

Men of Israel Production Companies

  1. Lucas Entertainment
    Lucas Entertainment